Editor offers advice to all with classes

By Matthew Dooley, Forum Editor

Pulling up their inbox, students may begin to notice a new email from their advisor. This is the signal for students to ready themselves for the next semester.

However, this occasion may not hit everyone in the same way, especially since the second half of this semester recently began.

Students may begin to take their second semester into view as a new start in a continuous sequence of life. It is not uncommon to be surprised by how quickly registration can catch up to you.

Registration is an annual event all students undergo to advance in their academic careers. This is the chance for choose their course load, explore different majors, and proceed down a squirrel covered road to the end of their school year.

For senior students, this will most likely be their final chance to register for Susquehanna University courses. While, the first-years rush to their advisor sessions to start deciding if the major they came to SU with, is actually what they wish to study.

Depending on the advisor, you may want to have an idea of what courses you wish to take before the initial meeting, so the advisor can lift the hold and allow your course registration to be validated.

Prior to the meeting, mysu.edu will update its course list for “Spring 2018.” Once logging in, go to the “Self Service” tab and hit “Current Student” tab.

Afterwards, you will be able to click on “Registration.” A list will appear. The first point on the list is “Search for Sections.” I mainly use this to search for courses. Once your advisor has lifted your load, go back and hit “Registration”, but instead of “Search for Sections” hit “Fall/Spring Register for Sections.” Here you will be able to put in the courses you plan to take next semester.

Using this method, the students will be able to discover a courses’ pre-requisites and if the variety of core curriculum courses that hang over every students’ Susquehanna University career.

Also, starting October 30th, students will be able to register for courses over winter break. Depending on the course, it may be offered in an online capacity or be solely to be taken on campus.

Along with mysu.edu, students will be able to lookup “Spring 2018” courses in a newspaper format. Courtesy of The Quill, students will receive a course list published on newsprint.

Based on past issues, the paper often has the courses for the two upcoming semesters will be distributed to student mailboxes on campus.

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