Writer gives films to fill fall break

By Megan Ruge, Co-Editor in Chief 

Fall break is fast approaching. With midterms right on our tails and free time about to be endless for four days, many of us have plans. Plans to go on fast adventures or to see old friends, but not everyone. Some of us plan on working most of break, others plan to Netflix the break away. Whatever the plan, there is a movie out there to help make the break seem to last forever and here is where you can find them.

“Made of Honor,” staring the ever handsome Patrick Dempsey, is for those of you looking for a rom-com to fill the void that is fall break.

In this film, Dempsey plays a womanizer who feels he has everything he wants. That is, until his platonic female friend gets engaged and asks him to be her “maid” of honor. Realizing he has romantic feelings for her, he decides to use his position in the wedding to win her for himself.

This film is the perfect rom-com. There is a smitten best friend who can’t get the girl because she’s with another guy, but there is something about him that is a little different than the norm. In these films, we usually root for the underdog, but Dempsey’s character isn’t really the underdog in this movie. He is the kind of guy who is used to getting what he wants, which throws a twist into the plot.

This film defies most stereotypes of the typical underdog romance and is sure to tickle the fancy of any rom-com enthusiast.

Our next worthwhile film is a new documentary that focuses on one of America’s largest pop icons. “Gaga: Five Foot Two” is the story of the pop culture queen Lady Gaga. In the prime of her life, Gaga has never claimed for fame to be easy. Now, after many years of connecting the past and the future, Gaga released “Joanne” and is ready to show the world what happens behind the glitter and the crazy costumes.

Gaga’s documentary has been called “telling” and that couldn’t be more true. Gaga is opening up to the world and showing them a side of her that is different from what she puts on stage.

The next film on this list is for those of us who enjoyed “The Fault in Our Stars,” which is about a sick girl finally living her life. In “Kiss & Cry,” a figure skater with a rare form of throat cancer finds herself falling apart in the face of her situation. Looking for something to hold her together, the girl finds her strength through singing to an online audience.

Through her journey, the girl finds unlikely company and allies in unexpected places. Though things happen so fast for her, she is able to remain strong through everything and decides that the journey is worth taking to meet the people who are there for her.

In a new Netflix original, the executives at Netflix decided to take on a new topic of conversation: eating disorders.

In “To The Bone,” we meet a girl struggling with anorexia nervosa who is finding out that she needs something else in her life to bring her out of this rut she’s in. She moves into a group home to help her find her way.

During her journey, she meets many unlikely friends who lend her a hand in the home that’s run by an unusual doctor. This makes for many funny moments that liven up the mood of the film.

Our final film is new to Netflix but debuted in 2015: a flick about a woman who is getting married to her soulmate, but will need to come clean to her family first.

In “Jenny’s Wedding,” a woman plans to marry her girlfriend and has no intention to change that plan, but as her family has never heard the news of her sexual orientation, there is a bump in the road. Before plans for marriage can commence, she must tell her family she is a lesbian and hope that they want to be a part of her union.

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