Bucknell group, Weis Trio, to perform ‘mix of music’

By Danielle Bettendorf Asst. living and arts editor

recital in Stretansky Concert Hall on March 31 at 7:30 p.m.

The trio is composed of Colleen Hartung, adjunct faculty music, Bucknell associate professor of music Lisa Caravan and visiting associate professor of music Sezi Seskir.

Hartung will perform on the clarinet, Caravan on the cello and Seskir on the piano.

The group will perform “Fantasy Trio, op. 26” by Polish-American composer Robert Muczynski, “Trio-Miniaturen” by Russian-born Swiss composer Paul Juon, “Eight Pieces, op. 83” by German composer Max Bruch and “Trio” by Italian composer Nina Rota.

Hartung said the group chose music that interested them after studying the repertoire available for clarinet trios.

The repertoire for clarinet trios can differ compared to other groups, such as a string quartet, which is composed of two violins, a viola and a cello, or a piano trio, which is composed of a violin, a cello and a piano.

“There is a fair amount of repertoire for clarinet trios, however, performances by this ensemble happen less frequently than say that of a string quartet or piano trio,” Hartung said.

Hartung also noted the variety in the pieces chosen.

“I hope attendees will be introduced to composers that they are less familiar with and that they will enjoy the mix of music from different musical eras,” Hartung said.

“Fantasy Trio, op. 26” was composed by Muczynski when he and his fellow musicians found that pieces for clarinet trios were not common.

“Trio-Miniaturen” was originally composed for piano alone, but Juon then reworked the piece for clarinet or violin, cello and piano.

According to the program, “Eight Pieces, op. 83” was not originally intended to be performed as one piece. Bruch saw the work as a “musical folio from which independent miniatures of varying styles could be chosen.”

“Trio” is in three movements, and the piece often shifts moods; the work runs from tones of the Romantic period to circus-like melodies.

The Weis Trio performed the same pieces on March 24 at Bucknell and will be performing in London and Paris after the recital at Susquehanna.

According to the program, the three musicians created the trio after finding out they shared an interest in chamber music while working at Bucknell.

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