Student organizations kick off year by engaging students

By Michael Bernaschina, Staff Writer 

The semi-annual activities fair took place from Tuesday, Jan. 30, through Thursday, Feb. 1, and filled Mellon Lounge with tables and students.

The fair, which began each day at 4:30 p.m. and ended at 7:00 p.m., gave students the opportunity to meet and interact with members of different clubs and organizations present on campus, and sign up if they were interested.

Groups present on the first day included the school’s radio station WQSU, Greek Life, Her Campus and the Italian Club, among others.

“For me, WQSU has changed my life and has given me a role where I’ve learned many leadership skills. It’s a place for freedom and encouragement, no matter what your major is,” said sophomore Raven Coleman, the news director at the radio station, who encouraged students to sign up.

On the fair’s second day, groups like the Regional Engagement Center, the Johnson Center for Civil Engagement, Enactus, the Campus Garden and the Western Riding Club were present.

“We really consider ourselves entrepreneurs,” said Nathaniel Leies, a senior and member of the

university’s Enactus team. “We use our business skills and innovation to help those in need. That includes women in abusive situations, and children with special needs, as well as veterans.”

Religious groups were also present at the fair, including the Lutheran Student Movement (LSM) and Hillel, both of which sought to promote inclusivity.

“The big thing that we’re trying to push forward is that even though our name has ‘Lutheran’ in it, everyone is welcome,” said Troy Spencer, a senior and member of the LSM’s executive board.

The students representing Hillel offered the same message, as well as advertised a program Hillel is involved with called Birthright.

Students who become part of the program are able to take a free trip to Israel, where they get the opportunity to learn Hebrew and visit tourist attractions like the Dead Sea.

On the final day, the fair featured groups such as the SLAC, PSECU, Better Together, Women Speak, and Psych Club, among many others. “The SLAC is the Student Library Advisory Committee,” said Syd Sirois, Engagement Officer of the SLAC. “We organize events like the Chill-Out and host book club, and just try to bring new things to the library that will get more people to come by.”

“We also want to let people know that the library isn’t a place to stress out,” said SLAC Vice President Jack McKivergan. “It’s a good place to do homework and unwind.”

Information about organizations can be found at the Leadership and Engagement office.

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