Gallery features works by women, ‘underrepresented voices’

By Kat Cardenas, Contributing Writer 

The Lore Degenstein Art Gallery showcased the first exhibit of the semester, “Prints by Women,” on Jan. 16.

The exhibit, organized by the Georgia Museum of Art in Athens, includes 46 prints-woodcuts, lithographs, drypoints, etchings and screen prints, among other types. The works range from the 19th through the 21st centuries, each by a different European or American female artist.

“Prints by Women” uses works from the museum’s permanent collection to recognize and advocate for women in art.

Ashley Busby, assistant professor of art history, brought the exhibit to campus, according to Dan Olivetti, the director of the gallery.

Busby has had a relationship with the Georgia Museum of Art in the past and spoke to the backgrounds of the pieces.

According to Olivetti, the most important thing an observer should take away from this exhibit is “the quality of the work that these women have produced.”

“Some of them were born in the 1800s and women had no opportunity for art,” Olivetti said. “If I didn’t have the sign that said ‘Prints by Women,’ then no one would think ‘Oh, this is women’s work,’ they would think, ‘This is really good work.’”

“I think it’s most important to give women who are under- represented a voice,” Olivetti continued.

Three works of the works Busby highlighted were by American women, who are lesser-known artists, while two were by European women.

There were also visual aids and music to accompany some of the paintings.

The gallery was also dimly lit because the museum requested that the lighting be similar to “five foot candlelight” to best display the art works.

The audience was comprised of students and alumni, as well as members of the community.

Sophomore Quinn Evans, who works at the gallery, said, “As a young female artist myself, I’m thrilled to see the meticulous and beautiful work of so many artists, many of whom are from the 19th and 20th century and have not had their work appreciated as much as it should’ve been.”

“There are a couple of prints by women who have become notable individuals in the art world, however,” Evans continued, “Such as Rosa Bonheur and Kathe Kollwitz.”

“I highly encourage everyone to come see this fantastic variety of prints by women, ranging from simple geometric compositions to intricate intaglio images,” Evans said.

Senior Gretchen Hintze said, “I’m always so impressed by how welcoming and professional the art gallery staff are.”

“I always enjoy myself at the openings and look forward to seeing the art,” Hintze continued. “The ‘Prints by Women’ exhibit was especially interesting to me because I think it is imperative to highlight the work done by creative, hard-working women.”

“Busby’s presentation on various pieces was super informative and it was great to see everyone so immersed in learning,” Hintze continued.

The Lore Degenstein Gallery is open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. when classes are in session. The exhibit will be open until March 4.

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