First Trax party attracts large crowd

By Hanifah Jones, Contributing Writer 

Trax brought back a popular DJ as they threw back to the 90s in the annual “90s House Party”. The event was hosted by the Susquehanna’s Black Student Union (BSU) on Saturday Jan. 27.

The event ran from late Saturday night into early hours Sunday as students danced to hits from the iconic era.

Students came together in their best nostalgic outfits to enjoy the party, with music provided by Brookyln-based DJ Jase.

“We’ve been having this party since Trax began twelve years ago, and [BSU] has been sponsoring it for the past two,” said junior Abby Dawes, the event manager for Trax.

The 90s party has become heavily associated with the BSU in recent years.

“I think [the 90s party] is a great way for BSU to attract new members and increase cohesion between the black community and the white community on campus,” BSU Vice-President Shanon Benjamin said. “[We] advocate for all minorities as well as the students of SU, to really show that we are here to support each other and to make our presence known here [on campus].”

The crowd in Trax on Saturday evening was very diverse, including students of different backgrounds, as well as a large group of visitors from out of state and Bucknell.

Trax staff had rave reviews for the event, including claiming it as one of their biggest hits.

“I love the 90s party,” said junior Alyssa Howson, the public relations and marketing manager of Trax, “Honestly it’s the first weekend back, everyone’s really excited for the semester and everybody’s ready to get back in the gist of things. It’s sponsored by BSU and they always have a great turnout. Everyone loves them and they come and have a great time.” The participants were surrounded by pictures of 90s themed shows and music artists. Snacks provided were childhood favorites including gushers, Dunk-a-roos and fruit rollups. Events are hosted every week- end at the on-campus nightclub; upcoming events include both Hip Hop Happening and the Super Bowl party happening Feb. 2 and Feb. 4, respectively.

For more information and up-to-date events,visit the Trax Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Beth Winger, director of Trax, can be found in the Office of Leadership and Engagement.

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