Ensemble, composer to perform wintry works

By Danielle Bettendorf, Living & Arts Editor 

String ensemble Turtle Island Quartet and composer Liz Carroll will perform at Susquehanna on Tuesday, Jan. 30 at 7:30 p.m. in Degenstein Center Theater.

The two musicians are the third performance this school year in the Artist Series, after Parsons Dance in September and Nobuntu in November.

Visitors in the Artist Series are selected each year by a committee.

Keelie Schock, the Artist Series manager, said that one of the goals of the series is to highlight internationally acclaimed artists for the Susquehanna and local community.

According to Schock, in featuring these artists, the series works to showcase a diverse range of cultures and types of art in the performers chosen annually.

“Each year highlights a different form of performance art, whether it is music, dance, etc.,” Schock said. “Turtle Island Quartet came to us through one of the artist management agencies we frequently work with.”

Schock noted that Turtle Island Quartet and Carroll perform an innovative type of music, which is why they were chosen for the series.

“Every artist or group of artists we bring to campus has their own unique niche within their field,” Schock said. “Turtle Island Quartet is a fusion of jazz and chamber music, although they explore many world music styles in their work.”

“Their collaboration with Irish fiddler and composer, Liz Carroll, is a great example of how they transcend genres and eras to maintain a strong appeal with audiences,” Schock continued. “Their fearlessness in exploring a variety of styles has earned them two Grammy Awards.”

Schock also praised how much effort the performers selected put into their work.

“The artists themselves always show a dedication to their craft that is above and beyond what one might expect,” Schock said. “They are performers who are willing to break boundaries with their creativity and try what hasn’t been tried before.”

“We consider an event successful if it has provided the audience with the opportunity to see an engaging performance with high artistic integrity,” Schock added.

Turtle Island Quartet was created in 1985 and Carroll has won awards since she was 18 years old.

At the performance in January, the musicians will perform repertoire related to the winter season and various holidays.

According to MySU, the performance will feature “songs of the Celtic winter solstice and yuletide reels from Ireland reside with tunes of Hanukkah, a Hindu spiritual and a Miles Davis holiday classic.” They will also perform “A Love Supreme” by John Coltrane.

Admission is free for Susquehanna students, $20 for adults, $15 for seniors and $5 for non-Susquehanna students.

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