SU Giving tree hopes to bring cheer to local children in need

By Zachary Bonner, Asst. News Editor 

he Johnson Center for Civic Engagement, or J.C.C.E, is hosting a Holiday Giving Tree in the Degenstein Campus Center to start off the holiday season with a spirit of charity. The tree is located in the Student Life suite and will be available to get gifts for until Monday, Dec. 11.

On the tree, tags are hanging that list different kinds of gifts that are requested by different organizations for children in the local community.

The tags will specify what gift is wished for and the age of the recipient. The J.C.C.E encourages students, faculty, staff and campus organizations to participate in this event to help make this holiday season special for a local family.

Senior Emily Shellengerger said, “This is a tradition that I participate in at my parish at home, and I’m very glad to see it coming to campus.” Shellenberger said, “I think that helping a local family have a better holiday season is a priceless gift I can give.”

The gifts range from children as young as age 5 to young teens, and each tag de- scribes clothing and toys that the children are wishing for.

Senior Sarah Cloos said, “One of the most memorable gifts I remember receiving as a child was a telescope and space exploration kit.” She continued, “Seeing some of the children with these interests makes me excited to make one of these children’s holiday wishes come true.”

The gifts are to be brought to the Student Life Center and placed under the tree unwrapped, as they will be wrapped at a future date and delivered to the families.

Cloos said, “I’m going to get a gift for a younger boy at the same time as I go shopping for my younger brother.” Cloos remarked, “One of the brightest times of the year for my family is the holidays, and gift giving only makes it happier. Being able to share gifts with your family and with your children is something that every parent deserves to experience.”

Representatives from the J.C.C.E expect this tradition to be a successful addition to the charity events held on Susquehanna’s campus.

They hope that members of the campus community, faculty and students will contribute to an event that will brighten the lives of members of the local community in need.

If students plan on brining gifts back for the event, the office asks that the gifts remain unwrapped. Other clubs, organizations, faculty and staff are encouraged to participate and give a child their holiday wish.

Another event that is happening in the Selinsgrove community is a holiday tradition, called the Downtown Stocking Stuffers. The event is on Dec. 2 and if any student is interested the J.C.C.E offers information on it.

The R.E.C, or The Regional Engagement Center, is another volunteer opportunity for students on campus. The R.E.C Center, as per the River Corps newsletter, is a multi-generational community center serving Snyder County with a focus on youth development.

The main function that students would perform would be to help out with the youth after school programs on weekdays and on Saturdays.

The J.C.C.E also offers a blood drive at least twice a semester to help save a life, and recently held a Hunger Banquet to help students under- stand the complexities of poverty and hunger in the United States and in the surrounding area of Snyder County.

If students would like help finding volunteer opportunities on campus and in the Selinsgrove community, the JCCE holds contact with multiple organizations throughout the area. The office can help facilitate future volunteer opportunities.

Students who have an interest in sustainability and improving the environment, there is a sustainability committee that is there to help improve Susquehanna’s environ- mentally friendly atmosphere.

When students complete volunteer hours, there is an extra step that the J.C.C.E can help out with. There is a volunteer hours log on the mysu J.C.C.E page, that help log students hours, as well as keep track of the volunteer hours completed by students on campus.

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