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By Liz Hammond, Digital Media Editor 

The second weekend of Coachella has now passed and it’s time to look back on it.

While the first weekend was one to remember, a lot of people believe that the second weekend was the better experience.

Leo Zaldivar of Baldwin Park attended his first-ever Coachella this year.

When asked why he picked the second weekend, Zaldivar said: “The first weekend, there are more celebrities. The second weekend, it’s more packed with regular people like us.”

The vibe of weekend two kicked off that Friday night when Travis Scott revitalized himself after his tame set last weekend. Never doubt his stage presence: he rode out on stage on a giant mechanical eagle.

On Friday afternoon, Stormzy also drew another large crowd on the Outdoor stage during his set. He announced that he wanted to get Americans to appreciate the English genre of grime.

His mission was accomplished when he performed songs like “Big for Your Boots” and “Shut Up.”

The biggest redemption of weekend two came from Radiohead, as there were no technical glitches this time.

They were finally able to give the fans a smooth and visually captivating musical journey. While their set kicked off 15 minutes late— English rock bands can never be on time—they played the songs “Daydreaming” and “Desert Island Disk.”

It was not long until they completely veered from their weekend one set list and played other songs like “Myxomatosis” and “Lucky.”

Saturday was brutal for those attending the festival, but it wouldn’t feel like Coachella if it didn’t reach triple digits: it was a stunning 102 degrees.

Saturday was Earth Day and while most people here at Susquehanna were participating in SU Serve, there were multiple “March for Science” rallies across the country. Coachella hosted one of their own: members of the Down- town Boys led the march after their set ended.

The main stage dominated as acts like Two Door Cinema Club and Future performed. At 6:05 p.m. when Two Door Cinema Club opened up with “Undercover Martyn,” the crowd stretched from the main stage to the Chiaozza Garden. It was a huge dance party, because let’s face it: you can’t stand still to songs like “Something Good Can Work” and “What You Know.”

Future took the stage at 7:30 p.m. Much to the crowd’s disappointment, there was no Drake appearance, but Migos did make a feature.

Bon Iver started his hypnotic set at 9 p.m., which later would receive recognition from the alt queen herself, Lorde. Bon Iver brought out big names like Bruce Hornsby and Francis Farewell Starlite from Francis and the Lights, who performed Friday.

The headliner for Saturday was Lady Gaga. Although her set flowed better than last weekend’s, it was a replica of weekend one’s set.

The only difference between the two was her cos- tumes and energy.

It did get emotional when Gaga played an acoustic version of her song “Edge of Glory” and dedicated it to a friend with cancer.

All in all, Gaga could never disappoint a crowd.

Sunday was all about Kendrick Lamar, although for weekend one, Lamar brought out big names like Future and Travis Scott. For weekend two we saw him take the main stage for a solo set.

Lamar performed a few of his biggest hits like “i”, “HUMBLE.,” and surprisingly enough, “ELEMENT.”

Coachella 2017 has now ended and it was nothing short of incredible. Stay tuned for the rest of festival season.

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