Lights, Camera, Action!

By Megan Ruge, Co-Editor in Chief 

As a movie enthusiast, I am inclined to watch movies that allow the viewer to feel something other than self hatred. But the world is full of movies that make you feel disdain instead of enjoyment.

Though you cannot always predict a bad film before viewing, this list of rediculously terrible films will help you when deciding what is not worth your time.

The first film on the list is a Netflix Original called “Look Who’s Back.”

Originally produced for German viewers, the film is completely in German and follows what it might look like if notorious dictator Adolf Hitler woke up in Germany in 2014.

The film is based off of a bestselling German satirical novel by the same name and follows Hitler’s journey through Germany as it is in 2014.

Though it is meant to be a comedy, the film is mostly unscripted and was basically compiled by putting the ac- tor who played Hitler out into the street in character and had him interact with everyday German citizens.

Though there is a loosely scripted storyline throughout the film, the potential to make this film satirical and humorous in nature is lost in translation as the point of the film becomes confusing and the plotline falls flat.

A spring break movie for the ages, “From Justin to Kelly” makes this list at number two.

The 2003 movie can be considered the worst musical ever to grace the big screen. The film also doubles as singer Kelly Clarkson’s first major feature film.

The film follows the story of a waitress from Texas and a college student from Pennsylvania who meet in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and come together over their love of singing.

The filmed debuted after the close of Clarkson’s winning season of “American Idol” which was taken into account for this film. This is evident because Clarkson’s co-star was also the runner up from her “Idol” season.

The major flaw that this film had was maintaining the believability of a “real life musical” while also meeting the standards of a love story.

There are many reasons not to watch this film. The movie, that would have done better had it been made for television, was born from the many teen movies that were released between 1990 and 2005. The film allows the viewer to expect a cheesy romance, but it isn’t even worth sitting through the slapped-together musical numbers that put the whole film to shame.

“Man of Steel” makes the third and final spot on the list. The film, a retelling of the classic Superman story, makes the list for its unsuccessful attempt to make Superman seem realistic.

Superman, a character made to seem unattainable and god-like, is part of a long line of superheroes who live in a fictional world that is not meant to seem real.

With Smallville, Kansas as his hometown and Metropolis as his patron city, Superman lives in a place as real as the Gotham of counterpart Batman.

With Marvel’s successful series of relatable superhero films, DC felt threatened and wanted to achieve the same success, but Superman is a character that is meant to feel unreal. DC’s worlds are a place of escape instead of reliability and it should generally stay that way.

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