Writer gives feel good Disney films

By Megan Ruge Living and arts editor

The semester is slowly coming to an end and the time to take midterm exams is right around this corner.

It is about this time that we start to feel like adults when we have to gather all of our knowledge and display it in test or essay form.

It is also about this time that we really need to take a moment to simply feel like a kid again.

This week I have decided to provide a list of children’s films that are bound to leave you with that feel good buzz.

The first film on the list is “Zootopia.”

The 2016 film is rated PG and follows a little bunny with big dreams of becoming a cop in the city of Zootopia. Along the way, the young and determined bunny meets a sly fox that she is determined to make an ally, despite his stereotypical reputation.

The film touches on a lot of relevant topics, pointing out how flaws in society can be demonstrated by the separation between animal classes. This film is sure to make you feel fluffy inside by the end.

The next film on the list is the newest rendition of an old classic, “The Jungle Book.”

This film, also released in 2016, brings the classic to life in a live-action rendition from Disney themselves.

The film, for those who do not recall the original, follows the story of a boy lives in the jungle and finds unlikely friends amongst the creatures around him.

The boy’s guide is a bear who knows his way around the forest and introduces him to creatures who make the boy feel both welcome and afraid.

The film is full of fun and excitment and is sure to fill you with childlike wonder.

Next, we have “Lilo and Stitch,” a film that shows even the most unlikely of pairs can make amazing friends.

In the film, a young Hawaiian girl named Lilo experiences a tough break after losing both of her parents in a tragic accident. Lilo’s sister thinks the best fix is to get her a dog, a companion who will not judge and will love her unconditionally. Little do they know that what they have brought home is truly other worldly.

The next film on the list is also of the newer releases.

“Finding Dory” is the sequal to the Disney and Pixar original “Finding Nemo.”

The film follows the story of a blue tang from the Pacific Ocean who suffers from short-term memory loss. After a momentary bout of memory brings her back to where she comes from, her friends will help her to journey across the ocean and find her family.

Throughout the film, the viewer is given the opportunity to revisit many beloved characters from the first movie, like a popular turtle made for the surf.

The viewer is also introduced to many new characters, such as an anxiety-filled, anti-social octopus with seven legs.

Another great film to help you feel like a kid again is “Chicken Little.”

Everyone knows the nursery rhyme about the little chicken who thought the end of the world was upon them. This film takes a liberty with the original story and brings us a new twist.

In this rendition of the classic tale, Chicken Little is hit on the head by a tile that falls from the sky and appears to be blue with clouds.

This leads him to believe the sky itself has broken and fallen to earth.

Though this is not the case, Chicken Little is afraid that what is actually happening might be extra terrestrial and will need the help of all of his friends to save the world.

The final film on our list is “Pooh’s Heffalump Movie.”

In the Hundred Acre Wood, there are many things that go bump in the night, the subject of many fears. For this gang, that fear is Heffalumps, a large scary creature that makes Pooh and his pals shake with fear.

The film shows viewers that the thing that strikes fear in their hearts is just something they don’t quite understand.

All of these films and more are available on Netflix for streaming and viewing.

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