Writer suggests varying holiday films

By Megan Ruge Asst. living and arts editor

With winter break just around the corner and finals two weeks away, it is time for the Christmas season madness to begin. Radio stations have already started playing Christmas tunes and the Hallmark Channel is releasing back-to-back Christmas specials every day.

That being said, it is time for the Netflix Christmas movie list. The following films can be found in the Netflix archives by simply searching the word “Christmas.”

All of the films on this list come from different genres across the board and are definitely worth your time this holiday season.

The first film on our list comes to us from the Christmas archives. The 1954 classic “White Christmas” tells the story of two war buddies and friendly singers, Bob Wallace and Phil Davis, who meet and fall for sisters Betty and Judy Haynes.

The men follow the sisters to a quaint country inn in rural Vermont where they find their former commanding officer, General Waverly, who owns the place.

When they learn that Waverly is struggling financially the two men put their minds to work and plan a musical extravaganza with the two young ladies that is sure to put Waverly back on his feet. The movie also features the famous Irving Berlin song by the same name, “White Christmas.”

The next holiday classic comes to us from the archives of Hallmark holiday classics. “The Christmas Card” is the story of a soldier who travels to a town from which he received a well-wishing card.

The card was sent from a church as part of a project that was meant to be a goodwill effort. When he meets the woman who wrote the card, he falls in love.

The man is immediately accepted as one of the family by her parents and his time with them is something he never expected.

The next film on our list is “BoJack Horseman Christmas Special: Sabrina’s Christmas Wish.” This Christmas special comes to us from the Netflix adult cartoon series, “BoJack Horseman.”

This episode shows BoJack not caring one bit about Christmas, but then his friend Todd shows up with a giant candy cane and an episode of “Horsing Around” that gets BoJack in the holiday spirit.

The next movie on our list isn’t a movie at all. “The Radio City Christmas Spectacular” is an annual musical event that displays the Radio City Rockettes, a precision dancing group whose high kicks have given it a reputation. The show includes singing and dancing as well as traditional and humorous scenes.

“The Radio City Christmas Spectacular” is a well-known, family-friendly tradition, but it’s also expensive. The fact that the season’s big event is now available on Netflix makes it an occasion to shout for joy.

The next film on the list is “Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas.” The Disney Christmas classic shares three stories of Mickey Mouse and his friends on Christmas. Each story tells of the characters learning lessons and trying to do the best they can for their families on Christmas.

The first story, “Stuck on Christmas,” shows Donald Duck’s three nephews learning a lesson of selflessness on Christmas day.

The second story, “A Very Goofy Christmas,” tells of Goofy and his son Max writing letters to Santa. Goofy is struggling to make Christmas perfect for his son.

The third story, “Gift of the Magi,” tells of struggling lovers Mickey and Minnie who each want to get the most meaningful thing for the other for Christmas.

These films are just a starting point for what you might find on Netflix and will hopefully act as a guide for your holiday viewing pleasure

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