Editor enjoys her final year while she can

By Jenna Sands Forum editor

People always say enjoy it while it lasts. They say it about high school and college and even studying abroad.

I always thought about it and didn’t want to make that mistake of not enjoying things while they last, so I tried to make a point to enjoy little moments.

I realized that just trying to enjoy something because I knew it would soon be a distant memory actually made it harder to enjoy the moment.

When I studied abroad in London last fall, I knew it would be over way too fast.

There were some points where I looked forward to going home, but I tried to ward off those feelings so I could enjoy my time there before it was over.

During winter break after I got home and during most of the spring semester, I was happy to be back and see everyone who I hadn’t seen in four months.

It wasn’t until a few months later that I started to wish I could do my whole semester in London again. I started thinking that maybe I hadn’t taken advantage of all my time there, and there were places I didn’t get to go and things I didn’t get to do.

I wish I had explored more.

I have to remind myself that I did do a lot while I was there, and I didn’t waste any of my time.

Concentrating on all the things I didn’t get the chance to do just creates a negative and even more nostalgic feeling toward my semester abroad, and that is not how I want to remember it.

I want to remember all the beautiful things I saw in the city and all the places I had the opportunity to go.

I think it will be kind of the same situation for college in general. As a senior, I know that very soon college will be over, and I will probably look back and wish that I had done more.

I am trying to enjoy it as much as I can while it lasts, but when each day is so busy the days seem to just slip away.

I want my senior year to last and be fun, but at the same time I want it to end. It’s not as fun here as it was my first year, and at this point I am just over school.

But I know that as soon as the summer after I graduate is over, I am going to miss it and wish I had more time.

I will probably wish I had enjoyed it while it lasted, but I know that that is not as easy as it sounds.

Just thinking back on the good memories is enough to know that it was worth it and that I had a lot of great times in college.

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